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Company Culture

Anke core values: customer needs, the pursuit of Anke.
Anke news spirit: Enthusiasm, tenacity, collaboration, innovation.
Anke news spirit connotation: less to say and do more, focus on action.
Ankexun's business tenet : to operate with "heart" and win with "new".
Anke news business philosophy: to take the right path, die is the last word.
Anke news management guidelines: clear organization, sound system, human management, benefit sharing.
Ankexun's work style: quick response and immediate action.
Ankexun's business process: planning, implementation, statistics, analysis, improvement, and summary.
Bianco news staff pledge: As Coe News staff must be based on their own diligent in their duties, the effectiveness of the company, winning glory for the country; to be disciplined, obey orders, consistent, end their future; you must keep making progress, improve their own, We must update our knowledge and open up the future; we must abandon our private interests, look at the whole situation, and have great aspirations to contribute to the continuous development of the company.
Bianco's company vision: the pursuit of Bianco inquiry is displayed areas and related industries to achieve the dream of customers and rely on bit by bit, perseverance and hard to pursue, so that we become the industry leader in color plates. After generations of Anketsu people made unremitting efforts to build a hundred years of technology companies.
Anke quality policy:
Pursue quality - win trust
Pragmatic and efficient - to win time
Honest service - win customers
Courage to innovate - win development
Ankexun Environmental Policy: Implement resource conservation, commit pollution prevention, manufacture green products, and continuously improve and improve.