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Structural Engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. According to the company's product planning, the feasibility assessment of the overall program of the leading product structure;
2. Collaborative product development team completes product related design verification; forecasts and controls product development anomalies and risks; strives for projects to be completed as planned or ahead of schedule; and continuously considers cost reduction plans;
3. Follow up on the production of moulds, responsible for the related work of the products such as moulds, trial moulds, repair moulds, etc., and be responsible for their effects and effectiveness;
4. Responsible for the design, evaluation, verification and recognition of all power supply product structures (plastics, hardware, PCBs);
5. Responsible for the design, supply, confirmation and recognition of DC line related components and drawings;
6, responsible for the old product structure improvement, design changes;
7. Confirm the structural data provided by the customer and make corresponding conversions so that other personnel can use it for reference and use;
8, according to the requirements of the environmental management system, to ensure that the product structure meets the environmental design requirements;
9. Responsible for organizing and handling the major product structural design problems that occur during the product manufacturing process;
10. Provide structural and technical support to customers and related departments to assist the Engineering Department in the production and optimization of product assembly processes and processes;
11. Provide structural support and assembly technical support to the purchasing department;
12. Complete other matters assigned by superiors in a timely manner.