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Ankexun, a rising private high-tech enterprise, is located in Dapeng Bay, Shenzhen, surrounded by blue sea and blue sky. Based on the corporate vision of “World Class Network Energy Smart Manufacturers”, the company adheres to the “customer-centric, hard-working, long-term, and hard-working” core values that are constantly on the road to dreams. Explore and Transcend!
There are three companies under the Ankson Group: Shenzhen Ankexun Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. Shenzhen Ankexun Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 28 million yuan. Suzhou Anchuantai Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan.
The company has 30 SMT production lines, 20 DIP lines, 10 assembly lines, 18 coating lines, a total investment of over 200 million yuan, and an annual sales of more than 600 million yuan. It is a research and development, sales, production As one of the national high-tech enterprises.


The company has persisted in the path of high-end smart manufacturing for a long time and focused on ICT (information and communication technology), network energy, industrial automation, automotive electronics, Internet of things, and corporate networks. Huawei, Incogawa, Infinity, Samsung, LG, Blue Ocean Huateng, Nanjing Wulian and other outstanding enterprises provide professional electronic product processing and provide integrated solutions and services for product production technology.
In the face of different customers and different requirements, Anketsu insists on its own principle of customer service: it does not compete with customers for win or lose, does not discuss right or wrong with customers, and only solves problems for customers, only arguing for price. Always adhere to "customer-centered" to create value for customers, gain value and gain one after another growth and development opportunities.
On the way to the struggle, Anke has never forgot to "raise the value of MADE IN CHINA" and "company mission, with passion and creativity continue to create new value for customers! Even with the fierce competition in the face of the market, the demands of customers are getting higher and higher, and Anke has not evacuated, but faces challenges and innovations and changes!
On the one hand, the company insists on building a "lean thinking" system. Every year, management and technical personnel are sent to Japanese companies to learn Toyota's lean production, and they are highly paid to hire Japanese consultants to guide the company's lean production. This has injected new vitality into the company's development! Through vigorous implementation of 6S, TPM, lean production, and self-destruction, the company's sales scale has grown by more than 50% every year for the past six years. Product quality and production efficiency have also been greatly improved, reducing the company's operating costs and real Achieved "multiple grain production and good grain production."
In the process of implementing lean production, the company uses 20% of profits each year to independently develop various kinds of self-refining equipment and MES systems, and truly applies “self-destructive”, “Internet+”, and “big data” to the full range of products. In the process of production, intelligent product quality data can be stored, inquired, traceable, etc., and the product quality management capability has been comprehensively improved.
On the other hand, the company insists on building an "altruism" system. Long-term adherence to the company's core employees to share 20% of profits, and signed a "striving agreement" with the core management, implementation of performance assessment, to avoid "eat a big pot of rice."
In addition, the company “empowers employees” by empowering, empowering, and giving love to stimulate the “three forces” of all employees: physical strength, intelligence, and mental strength. In the end, a long-lasting system of “strengthening a hole, making a hole,” and “more penny and good money” was realized.
Over the years, Ankexun has won praise from many customers for its high-end manufacturing, high quality, high self-destruction, and intelligent manufacturing features. In the past six years, the company has received the “Cooperation and Support Award” and “Best Quality of the Year” from customers. Award, "Sustainability Performance Award", "Core Supplier Protection Award", "Supplier 5S Best Progress Award", "Enterprise Network IP Phone Excellent Supply Guarantee Award", "Enterprise Network EMS Best Cooperation Award", "Dedication Service Award", "Excellent Supplier" and other awards. In 2017, it also won the Yantian District Mayor Quality Award. In the dream, there is no shortage of dedicated professional teams.
Anke has a passionate, united and progressive elite team! Among them, more than 80% of management and technical personnel are college graduates or above, and well-known companies from the industry have extensive work experience and good professional knowledge.
Along the way, Ankexun continues to grow and is constantly changing its thinking! From "making big" to "doing fine", from "making money" to "creating value", from "opportunity" to "focus and ability".
Return to the source, come up with unique skills! Anke is bravely moving forward with its great dream of “Committing to world-class network energy smart manufacturers”!